What’s Your Focus?

When I was a kid I noticed that when I said I wanted a green-colored bike, I began to see green bikes everywhere. The same went for orange Volkswagen Beetles, butterflies, and mystery books. As I got older, my focus shifted to travel, jobs, money, and sex. What fun it was – and is! – to see things manifest, and often very quickly.

Orange Beetle

Today, the words spoken to me a few years ago by a friend popped into my head. “You’re very good at manifesting. You talk about things, and then they appear,” she said. This was after what I’ve called the ‘bottoming out’ of my fiances had occurred. I was so focused on surviving, and struggling to move beyond my fear of bankruptcy that I could barely see where in my life I was thriving. And I was thriving in so many wonderful ways! How could I miss out on the beauty of that! Oh, the power of the mind!

What I Focus On Grows

Life keeps bringing me reminders of how easy things can be when we don’t resist, when we love what is, when we let others help us, and when we surrender to the call of the heart. I’m currently seeing proof of that as I book guests for my new, six-week Mindful Manifestation Group Challenge (see below). Names have popped into my head, I’ve reached out to invite those people to be a part of the fun, and – BAM! – it’s a done deal. No fuss, no muss.

What is your focus these days? What have you been asking for? What are you allowing yourself to receive?
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Mindful Manifestation Challenge

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