What – me worry?

If you’ve ever let your mind wander into the slippery field of ‘If only…’, ‘I/he/she/we/they should have or could have…’,’What if that happens tomorrow, or happens again, or never happens?’, then you probably know that line of thinking and believing could lead to hours of distraction, unfruitful behavior, and feelings of loss, rejection, abandonment, or worry. Hello, fear-based mindset! Goodbye, joy!

A few weeks ago I found myself caught in the wacky web of thinking described above. My mind had a vice grip on me, and it was 100% unpleasant. After struggling with the chaos for a while, I decided to ride out the wild waves, and let my mind reveal the deeper burden, and treasure, that lay buried under all the rubbish. That surrender eventually led to a profound insight, and peace.

Many times I have asked myself, “Do you want to ride the peace train, or the crazy train?” There is a choice there, and that choice may require diving into the depths of the drama that the mind is offering. It may feel awful, but I always tell myself that it is temporary – like all things on this planet – and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. BONUS insight! I am the light. I am the tunnel.

What’s got your mind in turmoil these days? What are you willing to do to move beyond the turmoil?

Here are a few tools that I find very helpful:

www.thework.com (Byron Katie is remarkable, and very skilled at guiding people to understanding the value of allowing what is to be what is.)

– Frankincense, Lavender, and Vetiver essential oils (Use them topically, and aromatically for grounding, calming, and clarity. I have a brand that I prefer, and am happy to pass that info along. Just message me.)

– Meditation (Whatever form suits you!)

– Daily exercise (I like to run, and life weights. Yoga and Pilates also inspire me.)

Thanks – and be well – naturally!
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