The Cost of Fear

Several years ago I was very worried about the repercussions of a decision I’d made. The fear was unusually intense, so I sat in meditation to find some inner calm. Once the crazy thoughts abated, and I was able to relax into my breath, I ‘saw’ my nervous system as a charred, blackened, frazzled mess. I understood clearly that every time my thoughts dove into that pool of fear, my nervous system was adversely impacted. I imagined how my entire body must react to decades of negative, fearful thinking and beliefs. Why would I put my precious body through that? I recalled a previous meditation from years before in which it was made clear to me that the human body can absolutely take on and process a lot of the pressure and stress that we inflict upon it, but it is very much designed to be enhanced by joy. The body is like a house. If we don’t lovingly keep up the maintenance, it may become uninhabitable.

ESSENTIAL OILS to support peace and calming:

– Bergamot
– Wild Orange
– Lavender

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Yogananda - cost of fear

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