Practicing Peace

I’ve been sitting with my thoughts and feelings about the recent mass murders in Orlando, Florida. Big waves of sadness have caught me off guard as my mind has released memories of internalized homophobia, verbal attacks at the hand of others, the years of persecution that gay men and women have been subjected to, and perhaps in some ways have gotten used to. All of that leads me back to the word ‘peace’ and questions such as:

– Are my thoughts and beliefs truly in line with peace, or am I creating suffering?
– Are my daily actions truly in line with peace?
– What can I do to cultivate more peace within myself?

That constant vigilance has paid off for me in countless ways over the years, and I am relying on it now. I breathe deeply. I slow down. I pay attention to the journey that my thoughts are taking me on. I allow myself to dig a bit deeper into my discomfort. I spend time in Nature. I talk things out with friends who support my mindfulness. I wrap some extra love around myself.

What is your peace practice?

Thich Nhat Hanh - Our own life has to be our message