Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start.

A year from now

If you think it’s time to shift into gear for a steadier climb, you might be right.

If you think it’s time to get more organized and focused, you may be right.

If you think its time to step out of your comfort/discomfort zone, and let a bigger yes emerge, you may be right.

If you think it’s time to ask for help with your project (and that project, no matter what name you may give it, is ultimately always you), you may be right.

If you think it’s time, then it’s time.

If you think it’s time, then get started.

These ESSENTIAL OILS may help you to get motivated and into focused action mode*:
– Roman Chamomile
– Peppermint
– Wild Orange
– Lemon

*ASK ME how to get the oils mentioned above (and more) for up to 25% off.

Mindful Manifestation Challenge

The Mindful Manifestation Challenge is a 6-week program that offers participants a chance to:

– Get clear about what they want to have manifest in their world
– Create and use a foundation building system to implement their plan
– Indulge in expansion- and excitement-inducing visioning processes
– Knock down walls and leap over perceived limitations
– See all events as positive possibilities and extraordinary opportunities.

Why should you participate? If you have a desire for result-oriented change around a project or with your life-purpose, and are ready to launch yourself to that next level, this program can help you to bring your ideal, and most prosperous vision down to earth, and make it a reality. Are you ready to be the possibility?

When does it happen? Monday, July 10th through Monday, August 21st

Where does it take place? On-line! Webinar, Zoom video conference room, and Facebook group page links will be given when you register.

What is your investment: $47 for six weeks. PLUS – you get one, powerful 45-minute InSight Laser Coaching Session to hone in on specific goals and actions, a foundation building action tracker, weekly video check-ins, expert guest facilitators, access to our secret Facebook group, daily (M-F) inspiration, essential oil gifts, and a few surprises.*

Early Bird Special: $32 if you register and pay by July 5th
OR – If you enroll as a doterra Wholesale Customer by June 30th, the course and coaching session are yours for FREE!**

*Coaching session must be completed by Aug. 30, 2017.
**Minimum purchase of 100 product points required.

How do you register? Message me here for the payment link.

What’s Your Focus?

When I was a kid I noticed that when I said I wanted a green-colored bike, I began to see green bikes everywhere. The same went for orange Volkswagen Beetles, butterflies, and mystery books. As I got older, my focus shifted to travel, jobs, money, and sex. What fun it was – and is! – to see things manifest, and often very quickly.

Orange Beetle

Today, the words spoken to me a few years ago by a friend popped into my head. “You’re very good at manifesting. You talk about things, and then they appear,” she said. This was after what I’ve called the ‘bottoming out’ of my fiances had occurred. I was so focused on surviving, and struggling to move beyond my fear of bankruptcy that I could barely see where in my life I was thriving. And I was thriving in so many wonderful ways! How could I miss out on the beauty of that! Oh, the power of the mind!

What I Focus On Grows

Life keeps bringing me reminders of how easy things can be when we don’t resist, when we love what is, when we let others help us, and when we surrender to the call of the heart. I’m currently seeing proof of that as I book guests for my new, six-week Mindful Manifestation Group Challenge (see below). Names have popped into my head, I’ve reached out to invite those people to be a part of the fun, and – BAM! – it’s a done deal. No fuss, no muss.

What is your focus these days? What have you been asking for? What are you allowing yourself to receive?
Would you like support in letting all the good stuff you want to come to you easily, and potentially more quickly? If so, join us July 10th through Aug. 21st for…

Mindful Manifestation Challenge

Get more details by joining our community of magical, mindful manifesters on Facebook:


Open Wider

This morning I was washing dishes and noticed something covering the filtering screen over the drain. “That’s not helpful,” I thought. “Nothings gonna get down the drain with that kind of mess in the way.” I reached into the filter and scooped out the potentially drain-clogging muck. Later, as I was driving to a meeting, it occurred to me that the muck in the drain was holding a great bit of information for my soul-searching self.

1) I didn’t know for sure if the drain would be clogged by what was hanging out in the filter. I assumed it would.

2) I took action based on previous life experiences.

3) My action potentially allowed for things (water, etc.) to flow more easily and quickly through a wider passage in the drain.

My BIG TAKEAWAY is: OPEN WIDER and let more good stuff flow to you!

Here are some ESSENTIAL OILS I use to support mental clarity, and spiritual insight, and expansion:

– Frankincense
– Lemon
– Rosemary

Listen Learn Grow

What – me worry?

If you’ve ever let your mind wander into the slippery field of ‘If only…’, ‘I/he/she/we/they should have or could have…’,’What if that happens tomorrow, or happens again, or never happens?’, then you probably know that line of thinking and believing could lead to hours of distraction, unfruitful behavior, and feelings of loss, rejection, abandonment, or worry. Hello, fear-based mindset! Goodbye, joy!

A few weeks ago I found myself caught in the wacky web of thinking described above. My mind had a vice grip on me, and it was 100% unpleasant. After struggling with the chaos for a while, I decided to ride out the wild waves, and let my mind reveal the deeper burden, and treasure, that lay buried under all the rubbish. That surrender eventually led to a profound insight, and peace.

Many times I have asked myself, “Do you want to ride the peace train, or the crazy train?” There is a choice there, and that choice may require diving into the depths of the drama that the mind is offering. It may feel awful, but I always tell myself that it is temporary – like all things on this planet – and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. BONUS insight! I am the light. I am the tunnel.

What’s got your mind in turmoil these days? What are you willing to do to move beyond the turmoil?

Here are a few tools that I find very helpful: (Byron Katie is remarkable, and very skilled at guiding people to understanding the value of allowing what is to be what is.)

– Frankincense, Lavender, and Vetiver essential oils (Use them topically, and aromatically for grounding, calming, and clarity. I have a brand that I prefer, and am happy to pass that info along. Just message me.)

– Meditation (Whatever form suits you!)

– Daily exercise (I like to run, and life weights. Yoga and Pilates also inspire me.)

Thanks – and be well – naturally!
No idea

I Did It All For… What?

The other day I overheard a few people talking about relationships. They were discussing what they sacrificed to be with their romantic partners, what they’d given to them materially and emotionally, and what they were or weren’t getting in return. I chuckled to myself as I listened. I’d forgotten about those comments until this morning when a song triggered memories of my past relationships. Then I got to hear, for the umpteenth time, the delusional stories in my head that have been repeating for years.
“I did blah, blah, blah.”

“They could have done more blah, blah, blah.”

“Why didn’t blah, blah, blah?”

Thankfully, I caught the negative loop leak quickly, and had a good laugh at my own expense.

Diving into a meditative inquiry about the mildly disruptive and amusing thoughts, I came away with this inner wisdom:

‘Notice when your thoughts move you toward believing that you should do, or give, or be anything but the authentically quiet, peaceful, compassionate, kind, understanding, and generous (without expectation!) self that you truly know yourself to be. It’s actually quite simple to detect when anything but peace and love appear in your mind. You are quite familiar with the negative emotions, and bodily reactions that manifest when you dip your toes into distracting, and worn out patterns of thought and belief. Very simply: Does it feel good to be thinking those thoughts? Stop. Look. Listen. ASK yourself what would feel better. If you think the answer is outside of you, think again, and again, and again, and again until you comeback to the TRUTH that you are.’

Meister Eckhart Quotes - Be will to be a beginnner


This morning I came across the lines from the Mary Oliver poem below. It touched some tender spots in me. How wonderful is that? It looks like it’s time to be still and get in touch with the swirling thoughts and emotions that have emerged.

Enjoy the poem. I’m not sure if it is part of a longer piece, but it is lovely. If you are a Mary Oilver fan, and care to enlighten me as to it’s source, please do. Thanks!

“to live in this world
you must be able
to do three things
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go”

– Mary Oliver


It’s All in My Head

So… 2017… Yes… A new year. New commitments, perhaps, or are they old commitments that you are re-new-ing? Hmm… Where will those commitments/dreams/intentions/resolutions take you? Where will you allow your mind to travel in order to experience that which you are asking for? Where does that impulse and desire to make change come from? Who or what is directing you – and how?

For several months I’ve been witnessing myself getting negatively charged about certain political issues in the US, certain political figures, and certain people talking about those political figures. The charge is really not about those things at all, of course. It’s most certainly about the journey that my mind goes on when thoughts about those things enter my mind, and the emotions that get stirred due to the thinking that occurs. I could just watch the thoughts come and go, and sometimes I do, but I also chase after them in a habitual, addictive manner until I get tired of reacting dramatically, and tired of being consumed by the tension in my body that happens EVERY TIME I slip into the places within that are not full of peace.

And so I ask myself as we begin a new year (another illusion, eh?): How will I CHOOSE to BE from this point on, in each moment? When faced with my usual patterns, will I turn on the war channel or the peace channel in my heart and mind? Am I WILLING (because I am very able) to hear the thoughts as they rise, ask questions about them and their origin, and let the changes and actions spring forth from that place of inquiry? In this moment my answer is YES (in five minutes… who can tell)! I commit to renewing my commitment to being kind, gentle, open, honest, available, arrogant, deceitful, ignorant, upset, joyful and whatever else I happen to be now, and now, and now, and now as I grow more fully into my inner guru. How about you?

Here’s a great article by teacher and author Pema Chodron about the mental peace versus war process