It’s All in My Head

So… 2017… Yes… A new year. New commitments, perhaps, or are they old commitments that you are re-new-ing? Hmm… Where will those commitments/dreams/intentions/resolutions take you? Where will you allow your mind to travel in order to experience that which you are asking for? Where does that impulse and desire to make change come from? Who or what is directing you – and how?

For several months I’ve been witnessing myself getting negatively charged about certain political issues in the US, certain political figures, and certain people talking about those political figures. The charge is really not about those things at all, of course. It’s most certainly about the journey that my mind goes on when thoughts about those things enter my mind, and the emotions that get stirred due to the thinking that occurs. I could just watch the thoughts come and go, and sometimes I do, but I also chase after them in a habitual, addictive manner until I get tired of reacting dramatically, and tired of being consumed by the tension in my body that happens EVERY TIME I slip into the places within that are not full of peace.

And so I ask myself as we begin a new year (another illusion, eh?): How will I CHOOSE to BE from this point on, in each moment? When faced with my usual patterns, will I turn on the war channel or the peace channel in my heart and mind? Am I WILLING (because I am very able) to hear the thoughts as they rise, ask questions about them and their origin, and let the changes and actions spring forth from that place of inquiry? In this moment my answer is YES (in five minutes… who can tell)! I commit to renewing my commitment to being kind, gentle, open, honest, available, arrogant, deceitful, ignorant, upset, joyful and whatever else I happen to be now, and now, and now, and now as I grow more fully into my inner guru. How about you?

Here’s a great article by teacher and author Pema Chodron about the mental peace versus war process


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