Free To Be What?

If we continue to let our thoughts and beliefs take us out of our clarity and contentment, and to move us away from the present moment, what happens? We are then quite possibly “free” to be miserable, to be fearful, to be resentful, to be jealous, to project our violent thoughts onto others, and in the end, to be in our suffering, which is often the last place we want to be. We become comfortable in our discomfort, and the ego/conditioned human mind will often do whatever it can to keep us there.

How can we transcend our suffering? What if we give into it, and feel the layers and depths of it in order to move beyond it? One of my mentors had the uncanny ability to guide me to places within myself that were often dark and scary from the outside. Once I was in those places, they weren’t so overwhelming, and I was able to dive into the emotions, express them as fully as possible, and emerge with a greater understanding of the origin of my discomfort. I had to trust my teacher, myself, and the process in order to move beyond the grip I allowed my mind to have over me.

Where are your thoughts and beliefs taking you? What are the results of those thoughts and beliefs? If freedom is calling, and you feel stuck and miserable, I invite you to take time to dig a bit deeper, and find the way back home to yourself. The Work, a process of inquiry developed by Byron Katie, one of my favorite contemporary teachers of peace, is one way to move toward inner calm. In the video below, Katie uses herself as an example of how to move through each part of her simple process. It’s worth watching!

For an inspiring dose of calming self-care, try rubbing a couple of drops each of Lavender and Rosemary essential oils on the bottoms of your feet. Make sure those oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade! Ask me how to get those superior grade essential oils.

Yellow Joy

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