Contrast. Change. Choice.

Ah, Life! It really does offer us endless waves of opportunities to set sail in a different direction, to turn our thoughts onto a course that is ever-more peaceful, and prosperous, and to pass along a new, positive world vision to future generations.

Slowing down, and taking time to become aware of the pace and depth of our breath, we can gracefully and gratefully, without resistance, let personal and global events kindly shake us and shift us, without allowing them (well, our thoughts about them, actually) to throw us off-center internally. We can notice the contrasts that are always presented, be aware of and embrace inevitable change, and make choices that bring us back home to the joy that lives vibrantly inside each of us. Yes, the joy is there! Once we declutter our minds, we come to understand that.

As I wrote on Facebook after listening to President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, I believe that we as a species are being invited to evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We seem to be in the midst of an evolution revolution, and the contrasts we are seeing in the current US political system are part of a greater calling to break free of the bonds of fear, lack, resentment, control, submission, pettiness, and separation. And that is just one event that is being presented! How fantastic is that!

Let us know that we all have the ability to be change makers, peace keepers, beacons of light, and believers in the power of love and unity.

Carry on!

Let go or be dragged

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