Black / Light

I woke just after midnight today, drenched in sweat, and a bit confused. I wasn’t sure if it was the condition of my body or the dream that woke me. Ah, the dream…

I was lying on my back, staring at a wide open night sky that was filled with endless stars – a beautiful panorama of the universe. I began to float upwards, toward the light-sprinkled vastness. It was peaceful, and easy. I looked down at the length of my body and saw small, black shards coming out of my stomach, off of my legs, and out of my throat. The longer I watched, the bigger they became, and the faster they flew from all parts my body – giant black spikes popping gently and quickly out of me, and floating off into space. Soon I could no longer see my body. It had dissolved into the vastness, with none of the black pieces left to hold it together. – End of dream. –

Awake, and aware, I stripped off my wet clothes and crawled back into bed, meditating on my dream. Was the dream an indication that the low-grade fever (along with other symptoms) I’d had for several days had broken, or was there something more? This is what came to me when I asked for guidance:

“You have been allowing yourself to let go of those things that have weighed you down. This has been a years-long process of discovery, awakening, and realigning. Your dream is evidence that you can no longer contain that which you had absorbed and held through your various ‘work’ incarnations, and your decision as a child to support those who were suffering. In short, your system can no longer ‘hold space’ for the thoughts and feelings of others the way it once did. Your recent illness allows you the opportunity to slow down, to listen, and to release the build up of ‘toxins’. There is much to celebrate! Hold on to that divine image of lightness, of ease, and of peacefulness! This journey has only just begun!”

ESSENTIAL OILS to support your ascension: Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot


Practicing Peace

I’ve been sitting with my thoughts and feelings about the recent mass murders in Orlando, Florida. Big waves of sadness have caught me off guard as my mind has released memories of internalized homophobia, verbal attacks at the hand of others, the years of persecution that gay men and women have been subjected to, and perhaps in some ways have gotten used to. All of that leads me back to the word ‘peace’ and questions such as:

– Are my thoughts and beliefs truly in line with peace, or am I creating suffering?
– Are my daily actions truly in line with peace?
– What can I do to cultivate more peace within myself?

That constant vigilance has paid off for me in countless ways over the years, and I am relying on it now. I breathe deeply. I slow down. I pay attention to the journey that my thoughts are taking me on. I allow myself to dig a bit deeper into my discomfort. I spend time in Nature. I talk things out with friends who support my mindfulness. I wrap some extra love around myself.

What is your peace practice?

Thich Nhat Hanh - Our own life has to be our message