Thriving on Purpose

One of the questions that is often heard in the field of personal development is, “What is my purpose?” Does that sound familiar?

So, what is your purpose? Could it be that it requires nothing more of you/us than to be happy? Could it be that your purpose includes being the best version of you as teacher, student, poet, painter, lawyer, doctor, business owner, retail sales associate, barista, farmer, lover, partner, mother, father, sister, brother, or whatever from moment to moment?

From my perspective, knowing what your purpose is involves loving where you are and who you are now,and being aware of what draws you in. From that place of acceptance, accountability, and allowing, we can begin to move toward our purpose-filled vision, and begin to thrive – on purpose.

If you are struggling with wanting to know what your purpose is, consider the words of Osho:

“You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.”

Will you open your heart and mind to that?

Try this:

Sit quietly, with as few distractions around you as possible, and close your eyes (but finish reading this first!).
Follow your breath in and out.
Notice your thoughts, emotions, and any physical sensations.
Return to following the flow of your breath.
Bring the word ‘purpose’ to mind.
Allow the word to roll around your mind, and notice where this exploration takes you. It is possible that the word will begin to dismantle itself in your mind, to break down, sound silly, create confusion, or inner chaos, or joy. Just be open to noticing.
End the experience when it feels right for you.

For a deeper look at your purpose, consider joining me for a 60-minute Insight Session. The goal of the session is to help you get as clear as possible as you move more fully into thriving in all areas of your life. A comment below will get my attention.


There is a Light

Leading the Way

If we can slow down, or be still long enough to listen to our TRUE VOICE, the one that is uncluttered, unhurried, and unattached to what went before, or what may come next, then inherently powerful, precise, kind, gentle, and understanding words and actions may flow from us with greater ease. Our new way of leading may mean that we boldly step out of the shadows of the past, and allow our thoughts and behaviors to reflect what we say we want to see and be in the world. That can happen NOW. Will we let it? STOP and SEE.

Pema Chodron Quotes - In working with the teachings on how to awaken

What Will You Do?

Today I called my state senators in California to let them know that I support gun reform, and that I would like them to do whatever they can to help move gun reform legislation forward. That’s part of where my passion for peace is taking me these days. I am also sharing information via Twitter and Facebook that could give others a chance to have their voices heard. Some of that information is below. What will you do to increase the peace?

Here is a web site that will show you how to make a difference by learning about federal and state gun laws, and gun safety, contacting your local and state representatives, and more:

Here is a site that will help you connect with your state senators and congressional leaders:

Here is something to consider as you engage in the peace process:

Pema Chodron Quotes - If we want there to be peace

Fertile Ground

I spent time last night at a vigil for the victims of the Orlando club shootings. Watching members of my community gather, speak, listen, embrace, and offer random acts of kindness reminded me that we can come together, and make things happen from a place of peace. Peace is fertile ground for an abundance of actions to emerge – organically, powerfully, positively.

The next time you are faced with chaos, drama, or tragedy, what will you allow it to do for you? What will you do to be the peace and change that you might like to see on the outside?

Orlando Vigil

Orlando Vigil
Orlando Vigil