The Cost of Fear

Several years ago I was very worried about the repercussions of a decision I’d made. The fear was unusually intense, so I sat in meditation to find some inner calm. Once the crazy thoughts abated, and I was able to relax into my breath, I ‘saw’ my nervous system as a charred, blackened, frazzled mess. I understood clearly that every time my thoughts dove into that pool of fear, my nervous system was adversely impacted. I imagined how my entire body must react to decades of negative, fearful thinking and beliefs. Why would I put my precious body through that? I recalled a previous meditation from years before in which it was made clear to me that the human body can absolutely take on and process a lot of the pressure and stress that we inflict upon it, but it is very much designed to be enhanced by joy. The body is like a house. If we don’t lovingly keep up the maintenance, it may become uninhabitable.

ESSENTIAL OILS to support peace and calming:

– Bergamot
– Wild Orange
– Lavender

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Yogananda - cost of fear

This Perfect Universe

“This perfect Universe” is each and every one of us. Beyond all the BS that clutters our hearts and minds lies an enormous reservoir of positivity, kindness, wealth, compassion, understanding, generosity, and overall well being. May we all know that we can tap into that perfection, purpose, and power at all times. Yes, we are that. Have a beautiful and blessed day! What else is there?

Essential oils to uplift the spirit, and assist in meditation/mindfulness practice:

– Arborvitae
– Frankincense
– Sandalwood

CONTACT ME for a COMPLIMENTARY, 50-minute InSight Coaching session*, which includes recommendations for essential oils that can support your process. PLUS – Enter my weekly drawing for a FREE essential oil! The winner of the free oil is announced every Friday.

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Wayne Dyer - This perfect Universe

Are You a Peace Seeker?

What are you doing today to increase the peace in your heart and mind?

Are you aware that angry, resentful, jealous, violent thoughts reinforce an illusion that has been in place on the planet for generations?

What will you do every day to shift that, to break the mold, to free yourself (and through your efforts help to free future generations) from the matrix of fear (which is the root of anger, lack, jealousy, etc). What are you waiting for?

#actnow #letmorelovein

ESSENTIAL OILS to support inner peace, increase motivation, and boost mental clarity:

– Combine one drop of Peppermint and one drop of Lemon oil in a diffuser.
– Combine one drop of Rosemary, one drop of Basil, two drops of Frankincense, and three drops of Wild Orange in a diffuser.

CONTACT ME for a COMPLIMENTARY, 50-minute InSight Coaching session*, which includes recommendations for essential oils that can support your process. PLUS – Enter my weekly drawing for a FREE essential oil! The winner of the free oil is announced every Friday.

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Declare peace

What’s Your Fear Factor?

Fear. I know it well. I think I have several Masters degrees in it. It comes and goes. Sometimes it lingers longer than I’d like, but it is always a temporary visitor.

Over the years I’ve noticed that my thoughts about things such as moving to a new place, money, changing jobs, walking on the edge of a cliff (literally), speaking up, or starting or ending a relationship have triggered fear. Those moments and situations were never fun, but they certainly taught me a lot about living.

On a recent flight to New York I was lost in my book reading when the plane experienced turbulence. The woman next to me gasped, and clutched the arm rest. I turned to her and smiled, and we both laughed. Spell broken – for a moment. As I turned back to my book, my mind started feeding me all sorts of fear-inducing, plane crash scenarios. I sat there amazed at what my imagination was churning out. As I noticed that amazement, I realized that my fear had been replaced by amusement. Good catch!

Here are some words that came to me after a meditation on fear last month:

“When you take a leap into the well of fear, you may notice that things do not feel very good there. When you retreat into that darkness, things may seem overwhelming and impossible. You may become ‘paralyzed’ and find that you are moving AWAY from your dreams instead of INTO them.

What price do you pay when fear takes hold? Notice what happens on the physical level – perhaps constriction of muscle, a tightness in your chest, shallow breathing, or cold sweat.

When you are lost in fear, what emotions creep in? Where do your thoughts go? Contrast that to the physical, mental, and emotional repercussions when you are happy, and full of excitement.

When you can identify your fears and embrace them with love and compassion, then you will find that the time you spend visiting them DECREASES and the time you spend in excitement, joyful curiosity, wonder, and PURE LOVE INCREASES.

Which would you prefer?”

ESSENTIAL OIL recommendations for helping to deal with fearful/anxious feelings:

– Bergamot
– Ylang Ylang
– Vetiver


Are You Feeding A Hungry Ghost?

A mentor of mine used to talk about ‘the hungry ghosts of the past’, thoughts and beliefs that take up residence in our mind, and wreak havoc on our well-being. We might find those ghosts rattling the chains of blame, mistrust, and arrogance, all while tempting our ego to cling ever tighter to the ties that bind (and blind).

Those hungry ghosts could very well lead us down the path of addiction (and let’s remember that feeding the ghost is an addiction that many of us suffer from). They could be the seed of physical disease and deterioration. They could be the root cause of depression. They could also be the vehicle through which our greatest transformation and liberation occur.

Pema Chodron offers this advice in her book Taking the Leap
“Then the next time you lose heart and you can’t bear to experience what you are feeling, you might recall this instruction: change the way you see it and lean in. That’s basically the instruction that Dzigar Kongtrül gave me. And now I pass it on to you. Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience, not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves. This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering – yours, mine, and that of all living beings.”

Be Open ReSIZED 2

ESSENTIAL OILS to support your forward momentum:

Black Pepper (Can help uncover hidden truths or face patterns or habits with courage.)
Juniper Berry (Helps us do the deep work of spiritual healing, especially from trauma or pain we’re afraid to look at, or beliefs we don’t want to examine because we fear they might be true, such as “I’m unlovable”)
Marjoram (May help you to feel safe sharing your heart with others.)

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We all smile in the same language

A Method to My Non-Madness

Have you ever felt lonely, depressed, insecure, pained by thoughts of the future, jealous, hopeless, angry, or any number of emotions that stem from that entity we call FEAR? Yup, me, too.

For many years I had a difficult time embracing where I came from, and who I was. A reality full of the states of mind listed above was pretty much where I resided. Thankfully that world began to crumble when I allowed myself to very honestly answer the question posed to me by my mentor, “What do you want?”

All of my responses led me back to two concepts: Peace and Freedom.

I’ve spent over two decades deconstructing beliefs about myself in order to swim more frequently in the divine waters of Peace and Freedom. I’ve tripped over myself countless times along the way, and may do that until my last breath. The thrill of the journey keeps me going. What golden nugget will I uncover next? What garbage is cluttering my heart, distorting my vision, and keeping me from seeing the endless beauty the world offers? Family, friends, lovers, traffic, political acrobatics, the bark of a dog, a heat wave, silence… Anything and everything could trigger a tantrum or pity party, and lead me back to a clear and calm mind. And so I welcome those uncomfortable moments, and even allow myself to get lost in them, until Truth leads me home.

Three kind questions that have helped me along the way are: 1) What am I thinking? 2) What am I believing? 3) What do I want?

As I pause, tune into the rhythm of my breath, and let the answers reveal themselves, I sink back into the space where Peace and Freedom prevail.

And so it is.

Mandela Bitterness Quote

ESSENTIAL OILS to support you in your journey:
– Lime and Lavender to soothe disheartening thoughts (a dab of each on your heart center should help)
– Frankincense to support mental clarity and focus (just a drop in the center of your brow, or at your temples)
– Sandalwood to enhance a sense of well-being and grounding (try a bit on the bottom of your feet)

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Summer Sunset

A Fast From Complaining

“If you didn’t have anything to complain about, what would you talk about?”

That question, posed to me by my brilliant mentor over 20 years ago, still stops me in my tracks when it pops into my head. It always invites me to take a closer look at the thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions that are out of alignment with peace.

Sometimes, when my inner-victim comes knocking and I want to jump on the whine wagon, I get very quiet and wait for the painful thoughts to pass. Other times, especially when it is something deeper, I give myself permission to bitch and moan, knowing full well that there is an end in sight. Yes, complaining as loudly as possible – over and over again if necessary – as a way to honesty, integrity, and harmony. Call it ‘conscious complaining’ if you like.

The quote below puts another spin on the topic.

Abraham-Hicks -Complaining

ESSENTIAL OIL recommendations to help move beyond complaining, and to fall into a place of acceptance and gratitude:

– Thyme (a drop on the heart center could work wonders!)
– Lavender (calming and soothing for the grumpies!)
– doTerra’s Forgive Renewing Blend

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Enjoy the journey!

Betrayed By Who?

The game of politics fascinates me. Political personalities fascinate me even more. Human, egoic behavior, in all of it’s charming, chaotic, confusing, and caustic glory is on full display in that realm. Just watch the proceedings on C-Span, or a TV newscast where political pundits, senators, White House staff, and world leaders appear, bearing opinions and information about the latest campaign, legislation, or scandal.

A few months ago I heard a quote by former C.I.A. director John Brennan that has stuck with me. He said, “frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.” He was referring to an investigation involving members of the current White House administration.

A treasonous path. Disloyalty. Betrayal. Such great words!

On a long run the other day I tossed those around concepts. I was curious as to how (and if) betrayal and disloyalty show up in my life (outside of the daily news cycle). I also wanted to examine how the news that spins around the airwaves is a reflection of my/our inner world (thoughts and emotions). Here’s what occurred to me – for the umpteenth time:

Everything is a reflection of our inner world. Once we get to know the inner workings of our minds, and befriend each unsettling memory, belief, and thought, then we can understand the where, why and how of the whole. It’s microcosm to macrocosm over and over and over again. The more intimate I am with myself, the more intimate I am with the entire universe (and every being that is apparently here with me right now). Then I can understand and fully acknowledge that all is perfectly well, all ways.

Byron Katie Quotes - Every thought every perosn

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Thanks for tuning IN!

What Are You Running Toward?

I’m a big fan of running. Mornings are my favorite time of day to hit the road. The near-stillness of the hour or so before other humans get fully involved in the outside world, the rhythmic motion of feet hitting pavement, the invigorating awareness of my quickening breath and increasing heart rate, and the drawing of my attention to my quieting mind make for a perfectly divine combination.

Yesterday, as I settled into my first mile, I was conscious of my body making decisions that seemed to override anything that my ego may have wanted to do. I observed my body choosing the route I ran, adjusting it’s pace to accommodate a hill, pushing itself harder, or slowing itself down. When my body signaled that it was ready to carry me home, gentle and direct words appeared in my head.

“Notice what you are running toward.”

“Notice that your destination is here, now.”

“Notice that Intelligence collaborates with you in endless ways.”

“Remember that you are more than your body.”

# # #

ESSENTIAL OILS to support your mindful exercise routine:

– Motivate Encouraging Blend from doTerra
– Balance Grounding Blend from doTerra
– Peppermint

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Thank you!

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