Beyond Rock Bottom

JK Rowling Quote - Rock bottom

Building a solid, inner foundation can require time, focus, vigilance, humbleness, and community support. When we feel as though we’ve been knocked down, and maybe even at rock bottom, we can ALWAYS take steps toward regaining our footing and creating a stronger structure.

In my experience, being aware of my breath, meditating, exercising, taking time in Nature, asking for help, having bodywork and energy healing treatments like massage, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, acupuncture, and other modalities, examining my thoughts and my belief systems, honoring my emotions, and listening deeply to the clues that my body are giving me at all times help to keep me in line with joy and peace – no matter what the perceived outer circumstances may be.

Here’s a GoGuruNow TIP for supporting the Base/Root Chakra:

Essential oils can be very helpful for grounding, centering, and balancing the body’s energy systems. Oils such as Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, Myrrh, or a Grounding Blend can be applied topically to the bottom of the feet, back of the neck, along the spine, dabbed on the third eye, or inhaled via a diffuser (I prefer one with water). Notice how you feel as you work with one or more of the oils. Spend a bit of time sitting quietly with the sensation and smell of the oil on your skin, or filling the room via a diffuser. For best results, be sure to use high-quality essential oils that are guaranteed to be free of chemicals. Purity counts, and when you’ve got that you can use less oil. Message me for more info.


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