Betrayed By Who?

The game of politics fascinates me. Political personalities fascinate me even more. Human, egoic behavior, in all of it’s charming, chaotic, confusing, and caustic glory is on full display in that realm. Just watch the proceedings on C-Span, or a TV newscast where political pundits, senators, White House staff, and world leaders appear, bearing opinions and information about the latest campaign, legislation, or scandal.

A few months ago I heard a quote by former C.I.A. director John Brennan that has stuck with me. He said, “frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.” He was referring to an investigation involving members of the current White House administration.

A treasonous path. Disloyalty. Betrayal. Such great words!

On a long run the other day I tossed those around concepts. I was curious as to how (and if) betrayal and disloyalty show up in my life (outside of the daily news cycle). I also wanted to examine how the news that spins around the airwaves is a reflection of my/our inner world (thoughts and emotions). Here’s what occurred to me – for the umpteenth time:

Everything is a reflection of our inner world. Once we get to know the inner workings of our minds, and befriend each unsettling memory, belief, and thought, then we can understand the where, why and how of the whole. It’s microcosm to macrocosm over and over and over again. The more intimate I am with myself, the more intimate I am with the entire universe (and every being that is apparently here with me right now). Then I can understand and fully acknowledge that all is perfectly well, all ways.

Byron Katie Quotes - Every thought every perosn

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