Are You a Peace Seeker?

What are you doing today to increase the peace in your heart and mind?

Are you aware that angry, resentful, jealous, violent thoughts reinforce an illusion that has been in place on the planet for generations?

What will you do every day to shift that, to break the mold, to free yourself (and through your efforts help to free future generations) from the matrix of fear (which is the root of anger, lack, jealousy, etc). What are you waiting for?

#actnow #letmorelovein

ESSENTIAL OILS to support inner peace, increase motivation, and boost mental clarity:

– Combine one drop of Peppermint and one drop of Lemon oil in a diffuser.
– Combine one drop of Rosemary, one drop of Basil, two drops of Frankincense, and three drops of Wild Orange in a diffuser.

CONTACT ME for a COMPLIMENTARY, 50-minute InSight Coaching session*, which includes recommendations for essential oils that can support your process. PLUS – Enter my weekly drawing for a FREE essential oil! The winner of the free oil is announced every Friday.

*First time clients only. Thank you.

Declare peace

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