A Method to My Non-Madness

Have you ever felt lonely, depressed, insecure, pained by thoughts of the future, jealous, hopeless, angry, or any number of emotions that stem from that entity we call FEAR? Yup, me, too.

For many years I had a difficult time embracing where I came from, and who I was. A reality full of the states of mind listed above was pretty much where I resided. Thankfully that world began to crumble when I allowed myself to very honestly answer the question posed to me by my mentor, “What do you want?”

All of my responses led me back to two concepts: Peace and Freedom.

I’ve spent over two decades deconstructing beliefs about myself in order to swim more frequently in the divine waters of Peace and Freedom. I’ve tripped over myself countless times along the way, and may do that until my last breath. The thrill of the journey keeps me going. What golden nugget will I uncover next? What garbage is cluttering my heart, distorting my vision, and keeping me from seeing the endless beauty the world offers? Family, friends, lovers, traffic, political acrobatics, the bark of a dog, a heat wave, silence… Anything and everything could trigger a tantrum or pity party, and lead me back to a clear and calm mind. And so I welcome those uncomfortable moments, and even allow myself to get lost in them, until Truth leads me home.

Three kind questions that have helped me along the way are: 1) What am I thinking? 2) What am I believing? 3) What do I want?

As I pause, tune into the rhythm of my breath, and let the answers reveal themselves, I sink back into the space where Peace and Freedom prevail.

And so it is.

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ESSENTIAL OILS to support you in your journey:
– Lime and Lavender to soothe disheartening thoughts (a dab of each on your heart center should help)
– Frankincense to support mental clarity and focus (just a drop in the center of your brow, or at your temples)
– Sandalwood to enhance a sense of well-being and grounding (try a bit on the bottom of your feet)

ASK ME how to get high-quality essential oils, or a sample to try!

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One thought on “A Method to My Non-Madness

  • August 3, 2017 at 9:38 PM

    Thank you Joe. I find you remarkable. Thank you for your courage and your trust.


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