A Fast From Complaining

“If you didn’t have anything to complain about, what would you talk about?”

That question, posed to me by my brilliant mentor over 20 years ago, still stops me in my tracks when it pops into my head. It always invites me to take a closer look at the thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions that are out of alignment with peace.

Sometimes, when my inner-victim comes knocking and I want to jump on the whine wagon, I get very quiet and wait for the painful thoughts to pass. Other times, especially when it is something deeper, I give myself permission to bitch and moan, knowing full well that there is an end in sight. Yes, complaining as loudly as possible – over and over again if necessary – as a way to honesty, integrity, and harmony. Call it ‘conscious complaining’ if you like.

The quote below puts another spin on the topic.

Abraham-Hicks -Complaining

ESSENTIAL OIL recommendations to help move beyond complaining, and to fall into a place of acceptance and gratitude:

– Thyme (a drop on the heart center could work wonders!)
– Lavender (calming and soothing for the grumpies!)
– doTerra’s Forgive Renewing Blend

Ask me how to get your high-quality (and potentially life-changing) essential oils.

Enjoy the journey!

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